Dyeable guarantee all colors ranging from solid white to any dark shades from American and Australian cotton.


PTEX has 80,000 spindles and 1,200 open-ended rotors, enabling the spinning mill to produce world-class, high grade 100% cotton, Modal and Tencel (carded, combed, compact and open-ended).


We  offer the yarns counts are raging from NE30 to NE100, suitable for the most sophisticated high-speed weaving and knitting machines. About 40% the yarns produced are used in PTEX’s own weaving operations.


PTEX’s spinning mill utilizes the latest technology and machinery from leading spinning machinery firms worldwide, including Rieter (Switzerland), Trutzschler (Germany), Zinser (Germany) and Schlafhorst (Germany).


Automatic Roving Transport System
Spinning: Rieter G33,K44
Spinning: Rieter G33
Autoconer 338
Unilap: Rieter E62
Loepfe 900 Foreign Fiber Detector
Spinning: Rieter G33
Winder: Schlafhorst 338